Comfort Kerchief
by gaye gilbert kriegel




The Comfort Kerchief was initially designed in 1991 for my mother, Lou Gilbert, during her chemotherapy. At that time, we discovered that wigs were expensive and hot; hats didn’t cover enough; tight scarves and turbans sat flat on her head, clearly indicating an absence of hair. I became determined to design a suitable head-cover that would provide a measure of comfort and dignity.

In addition to the original Comfort Kerchief pattern, a new Quick! Comfort Kerchief pattern is now available. With only one pattern piece, it is much simpler and quicker to sew.

The Comfort Kerchief completely conceals the head while the fleece insert provides volume. Although the initial design was intended solely to fill my mother’s need, over 2,500 patterns have now been sent throughout The United States and beyond. The number of Comfort Kerchiefs sewn from those patterns is exponential!


My goal is to put Comfort Kerchief patterns in the hands of as many willing sewers as possible, so patterns are distributed for the cost of printing and postage only, no profit.

Although primarily used for chemotherapy patients, the Comfort Kerchief also benefits patients of brain surgery, head injuries, Hodgkin’s disease, scleroderma and alopecia.

All Comfort Kerchiefs are sewn and given away...never sold. The volunteer sewers, whether individuals or groups, are so appreciative of being given a specific, worthwhile way to help others. Can’t sew? Then cut, mark, iron, package, deliver, or donate supplies to help the sewers.

Hundreds of heart-warming letters confirm that the Comfort Kerchief is indeed filling a need. Click here to read a few of the many that have been sent. Do you know a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, or child who needs this kind of comfort? Click here to request a pattern.

If you request this pattern to benefit others, I thank you for using your time and talent to bring a measure of comfort to someone facing adversity. If the pattern is for you, I pray for your return to health.


Gaye Gilbert Kriegel